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Facebook for Android Free Download

Facebook Free Download

Facebook is an online social networking service.The headquarter of Facebook is in Menlo park California.The website of Facebook launched in February 4 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his Harvard college roommates fellow students Eduardo Saverian, Andrew McCollum,Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.Initially the founders had limited the website's membership Harved students.Then after expended it to colleges in the Boston.It gradually support to students at various universities and then high school students.

      Facebook is allowed after 13 years old.In this era billions of peoples use Facebook in every time.In this era all categories people like old young small boys all of them enjoy with Facebook.Facebook is the most popular website in the world.

Facebook for Free Download
     Create a new account in Facebook and get start to use Facebook.By Facebook you can easily talk with your relatives friends and lots of other peoples any time bu message.You can share your photos in your profile and your friends can see your photos easily in can share your feelings with your friends by Facebook.You can requests to your family members friends and lots of other peoples for make friendship and you can comment on your friends photos and status.You can given any of status in your timeline and your friends received your status in your timeline with in few second.
Facebook for Free Download

   Create group

                          When you open Facebook it show also in your screen,create group,and now click on create group and follow the instructions.Now make a group in Facebook and invite your friends to join to group.You can make unlimited friends in your groups and can post any of things and all members can discussed about that post.You can make group about political party or any any famous party or any your city or village's name or any other.most of people make about political parties.And then post about your party and then all people whether they are be long with party or not also discuss about that post.Some time different party  members quarrel with other in groups by commenting.

Create Page 

                    Open Facebook in your windows or android and now it shows on your screen Facebook and now open your Facebook account.Now open your menu bar and it show create on create page,and now make your Facebook page in your profile.You can make a page by your name your country's name,or any party's name,or any force's name.And then posting about your page and get lots of likes;postID=5202236050735677963;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=2;src=postname by your post.
Facebook for Free Download


  1.  History;      
    • 2003_2005; Facebook,thief investment and name change.
    • 2006_2011; Public access Microsoft alliance and rapid growth.
    • 2012_2013; IPO,lawsuits and one billionth user.
    • 2013_Present; Site developments,A4AL and 10th anniversary.
  2. Corporate affairs. 
    •  Management
    •  Revenue
    •  Mergers and acquisitions
    • offices
    • Open source contribution
  3.  Website
  •  Technical aspect
  • History
  • User profile
  • News feed
  • Like button
  • following
  • Comparison Mi space
  • Privacy
4.   Reception 

5.  Impact
  •  Media impact
  • Social impact
  • Health impact
  • political impact ,United State
6.   In popular culture
7.   See also
8.    Notes
9.   Reference
10 .Further reading
11. External links

About Facebook

  • Type;                      Public
  • Founded;                February 4/2004
  • Headquarters           Menlo park California,US
  • Coordinates            37.484848"N   /122.148386"W
  • Area served            United State 2004_2005,Worldwide except blocked,Countries 2005                                          to present.
  • Founders                Mark Zuckerberg,Eduardo Saverin,Andrew Macollum,Dustin                                 Morkovitz,Chris Hughes.   
  • Key People             Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman and CEO)   Sheryl Sandberg(COO)   
  • Industry                Internet
  • Employs               10,082(March 2015)
  • Website       
  • Type of site           Social networking service
  • Registration           Required
  • Users                      1.44 billion monthly active,,(March 31,2015)
  • Current                   Active
Facebook for Free Download


 Facebook  is a big enjoyment website.billions of people use this website for enjoyment and also for gains.Lots of people take a big gains by this most popular website.By this website people talk with your for relative,friends,and other people.By this website we can see the world's people their culture their places their children their villages their countries,extra easy and fast.We can talk with world's people and ask them about their culture their language and also their country's rule.World is now global village people doing jobs in one another countries and they come back to your home after 3 to 4 year and they don't see your families too much time.This is the way to see your families and talking easily by this website.And also talk by Skype with your relative friends and other lots of Facebook friends by seeing with other.Now a days every school every college in every child also know about Facebook.You can send videos audios games extra by Facebook.

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